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Warrior cat fun facts

Warrior cat fun facts

In a life-size portrait by French artist Jean-Baptiste Oudry, she stands regally in a rustic landscape; a etching above presents her against a sprawling background where dark-skinned figures, palm trees, and a scene of a rhino goring an elephant all reinforce her exoticism. They burned buildings, destroyed a Christian monastery, stole gold, and killed and frightened the locals. They raised animals like cattle, pigs, goats and poultry , and grew vegetables such as peas, beans and cabbage and grains like barley, rye and oats. They wore animal skins and made noises similar to a wolf howling when going into battle, in order to intimidate the opposition. Despite all this, the resulting wagon still collapsed en route and many more man hours were required to get the male rhinoceros back on the road.

Warrior cat fun facts

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Warrior Cat Facts #1

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