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Beethoven funeral march no 1

Beethoven funeral march no 1

He fled the world because he did not find, in the whole compass of his loving nature, a weapon with which to resist it. Large amounts of reddish fluid had accumulated in Beethoven's abdomen, likely from spontaneous bacterial infections mixed with some blood. The body must die before the gates are opened. Because he shut himself off from the world, they called him hostile; and callous, because he shunned feelings. Hummel bent toward him, and, by the aid of an acoustic instrument, enabled Beethoven to hear a few words of his compassion and regret. Sound samples of most classical musical instruments are part of the General MIDI GM standard, and in contrast to modern popular music, classical music is neither based on complex synthesizer effects nor seldom on human voice. So this is how liberty dies.

Beethoven funeral march no 1

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Beethoven, Symphony 3 ("Eroica"), 2nd movement (funeral march) (c)

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