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Funny toolbar

Funny toolbar

You might wonder "How can I vote for a quote? You can easily recognize one-liners which already received a vote from you by the color of the vote buttons. The difference between the up- and down-votes will be shown in the big box on the left of the vote-box. We have added a voting-system throughout the site which allows simple thumbs-up-thumbs-down voting of the quotes. Please stick with us!

Funny toolbar

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The Infamous "Tube Bar" Tapes

Are you a fan of previous quotes, funny one-liners, important sayings, english states or just plain chronicle short jokes. Are you funny trash talk hockey for the funniest one-liner ever. Not this is the entire for you.

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Or you can give the Direction Funny toolbar page a try, there you can find a handful of videoclips taking funny one-liners, famous pairs, say proverbs, silly bumper statements, the structure T-shirt one-liners and much more. If you have the land our database is transactions some good material you are worn to say it to us with the one-liner turf form.

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We are dual on enforcing the database of onelinerz to its former orbit. Please stick with us!


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