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Funny examples of verbosity

Funny examples of verbosity

Greece and Rome, although often put into the same category,[ citation needed ] were different societies with different paradigms and ways of life. It is also more likely to result in a collaborative discussion that could change minds because it forces the Galloper to consider what is actually important to them, rather than seeing right or wrong as an abstract quantum of proof. The resulting shift of mood distracts and distorts our sense of passing time. However, when a character scorns a god, it is usually a character of low standing, such as a pimp. Lowe wrote in his article "Aspects of Plautus' Originality in the Asinaria", "Plautus could substantially modify the characterization, and thus the whole emphasis of a play. Rhetorically, this becomes the device of litotes ; it can be difficult to distinguish litotes from pleonastic double negation, a feature which may be used for ironic effect.

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Ridiculously Funny Examples Of Irony

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Funny examples of verbosity

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