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Shaggy ft eve girls just wanna have fun

Shaggy ft eve girls just wanna have fun

It wasn't until that she finally found the courage to start dating men, after meeting Karl, a 5ft 10 airline mechanic in a bar. Although Dennis is four inches shorter than her, Erika says that her difficult dating experience has taught her to be open to different possibilities 'I've dated men of all sizes, even a 5ft comedian,' said Erika, who started modelling four years ago after appearing on the front cover of Zoo Weekly magazine. The year-old beauty stands at a lofty 6ft 8in and completely dwarfs most men she meets. It's hard to have a 'wish list', you end up placing your world in a box and you don't see the good outside that box. Although the relationship fizzled out after four months, he introduced Eve to fitness training, which hugely boosted her confidence and made her appreciate her body. But now the towering brunette from Turlock, California is in a relationship and is enjoying barely having to stoop to kiss her new man.

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Mix - Shaggy feat. Eve - Girls Just Want To Have Fun (Official Video)

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Shaggy ft eve girls just wanna have fun

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