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Bamboo fun review

Bamboo fun review

It is neat and modern with a large and brightly-tiled infinity pool but it lacks the greenery and cosy charm of the Hoi An Riverside Resort. Sometimes, in our doubt, we dig up our seed and plant it elsewhere, in hopes that it will quickly rise in more fertile ground. The transparent plastic chair is from no less a design personage than Philippe Starck. A jewel in the crown is the 7,sq m Kerry Sports Centre that out punches the competition by a mile. Furama Danang rooms are roomy, no pun intended, and woody; bathrooms are huge, beds are comfy, WiFi is free and you'll find three-pin multi-plug sockets throughout the resort. Think cubist zen, straight lines and minimal clutter.

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Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet Review

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Bamboo fun review

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